Freelance in Bangladesh

Freelance is an online job sector and the person who performs job here called freelancer.A freelance worker or freelancer is human who works according to self responsibility and is not committed to a particular employer for long time.They work as agency of a company that assist them in finding contracts or works.A free lancer may specialize in many different fields like graphics, article writing, video editing, programming, consulting, web design, web development and so many.

Payment for freelance job may vary greatly.Freelancers may charge as per hour, day, page or per-project basis.There is no fixed or flat rate it depends on value of work and time  that means value based pricing method.If works become more complex, a contract may set a payment schedule based on milestones or outcomes.The work providers typically keep the copyright to their works and give the rights ti publishers in time limited contracts.If there independent contractors, they have no copyright to the works.

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