How to make money blogging from Bangladesh


Bangladesh have all access to make a blog on internet.Many people of bangladesh have already made blog and earn money online.If you are a bangladeshi and want to make a blog now you should follow the steps.

There have chance to make blog free or with investment.As a beginner you should use free hosting for know more about blog.If you want to make money then you can use paid hosting because it takes no more cost.Paying a little cost you make your blog see below.

Choose a free blog platform

If you want to get self-hosted blog you need to buy a domain of your blog and buy hosting from paid hosting company.You can get hosting from host gator, dreamhost, mediatemple or bluehost.When you pick a domain try to choose the name relevant to your content and visitors.Your domain name will help you to get more frequent visitors.To pick a domain and hosting you will need a small investment but it is safe and effective for your blog.

Write to your blog now and must remember that you will make your blog or website for your visitors not for search.So content enter to your blog should relevant to your users and give better service.Must design your blog attractive to visitors so that frequent they come to your site.

Why free hosting blog is perfect for beginners?

Which free blog paltform can I choose for better performance?

How can I make money with my blog?


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