Google Adsense is good but Chitika is not bad


If you are looking for online advertising to monetize your web traffic at first will choose google adsesne. Now we are not talking about google adsense and their different aspects, we are talking about chitika which leads the first alternative of google adsense. At first i have said Google Adsense should be the first choice for your websites or blogs but if you are banned by google for any reason then you can choose chitika and it is obviously better than others.

There are some advertising program starting their project to be an alternative of google adsense. But no one looks like as google adsense yet, but from this rush chitika is somewhat closure to google adsense. Although it is not possible to make an perfect alternative of adsense but chitika will help you to make some dollars when you have already banned from adsense.

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher! Chitika is another online advertising program providing text ads, chitika linx, chitika hover and chitika highlight to publishers. You also get an another chance to make some extra from referral program of chitika. If anyone make account using your referral, you will get 10% of their monthly earnings for first 15 months from their opening. You will be get paid by last week of next month when your earnings will reach the payment threshold. Payment through paypal and standard check provide by chitika. Minimum payout for paypal is 10$ and for check is 50$.

You may think, will chitika pay me really? Yes, chitika pays to their publishers actually. I was thinking chitika may be cheated me or may not get paid me but now i have already received my first payment from chitika through paypal. It is perfectly safe and easy way to monetize your visitors.


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