Google Adsense is good but Chitika is not bad


If you are looking for online advertising to monetize your web traffic at first will choose google adsesne. Now we are not talking about google adsense and their different aspects, we are talking about chitika which leads the first alternative of google adsense. At first i have said Google Adsense should be the first choice for your websites or blogs but if you are banned by google for any reason then you can choose chitika and it is obviously better than others.

There are some advertising program starting their project to be an alternative of google adsense. But no one looks like as google adsense yet, but from this rush chitika is somewhat closure to google adsense. Although it is not possible to make an perfect alternative of adsense but chitika will help you to make some dollars when you have already banned from adsense.

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher! Chitika is another online advertising program providing text ads, chitika linx, chitika hover and chitika highlight to publishers. You also get an another chance to make some extra from referral program of chitika. If anyone make account using your referral, you will get 10% of their monthly earnings for first 15 months from their opening. You will be get paid by last week of next month when your earnings will reach the payment threshold. Payment through paypal and standard check provide by chitika. Minimum payout for paypal is 10$ and for check is 50$.

You may think, will chitika pay me really? Yes, chitika pays to their publishers actually. I was thinking chitika may be cheated me or may not get paid me but now i have already received my first payment from chitika through paypal. It is perfectly safe and easy way to monetize your visitors.

The free blog platform can I choose for better output


Blog is a website now popular on internet.Making blog is easy, simple and take less time to view in the world.People write on blog and post for internet visitors.Now internet users get lots of help through different web blog.

Many blogging programming software and easy platforms are created to make it easy and fast.The blog you write mainly depends on which platform use.As a beginner i have used the free blog host giving site and is a google product.If you are a internet users from last few hours you must see what is google on internet.When you visit a website you look sincerely google is added to this site.There is only few sites on internet have no connection with google.About 70% users are of google users among total users on internet.So google product is best there is no doubt.

When i started with i have got maximum better output through it which i could not find to others.Blogger blog search get priority on google, bing, yahoo and also of blogger are now connected with this google product.

Free hosting blog is perfect for beginners


Blog is a dairy where people express their opinion, ideas or advice.people update daily or regularly to their blog as they like.In fact it is a website or online journal.From last decade many online program and platforms have been created to make it easy.Blogger write on blog, press submit and view to all over the world.As blog write depends on which platform uses.To get more and real concept about website making blog is the first step.

If a person wants to make online professional blog and once turned into paid hosting website blog making is effective in this case.Blogger can realize slowly about the think of internet and making website.If you use free blog you can choose it as you can make any kind of blog that mean any content base blog that you like.If you are a beginner you are not oldest to internet so you can make a genuine concept on internet through it.

Professional blogger first make or write on free blog cause of it can change frequently and have no when you use google product blog that means it will help you more to learn on search is now common on google and blogger blog will get superiority on them.otherwise if you choose wordpress you also get a better output to blog first you have to know how website is prepared, you can learn a basic through blog.The second need is how your website become popular to search engines.Which seo is most required for your content and visitors.This all things you can know through blog.

So if use free hosting blog platform you can learn it easily and make yourself as a professional blogger finally.

Which free blog platform can I choose for better output?

How can I make money with free blog?

How to make money blogging from Bangladesh


Bangladesh have all access to make a blog on internet.Many people of bangladesh have already made blog and earn money online.If you are a bangladeshi and want to make a blog now you should follow the steps.

There have chance to make blog free or with investment.As a beginner you should use free hosting for know more about blog.If you want to make money then you can use paid hosting because it takes no more cost.Paying a little cost you make your blog see below.

Choose a free blog platform

If you want to get self-hosted blog you need to buy a domain of your blog and buy hosting from paid hosting company.You can get hosting from host gator, dreamhost, mediatemple or bluehost.When you pick a domain try to choose the name relevant to your content and visitors.Your domain name will help you to get more frequent visitors.To pick a domain and hosting you will need a small investment but it is safe and effective for your blog.

Write to your blog now and must remember that you will make your blog or website for your visitors not for search.So content enter to your blog should relevant to your users and give better service.Must design your blog attractive to visitors so that frequent they come to your site.

Why free hosting blog is perfect for beginners?

Which free blog paltform can I choose for better performance?

How can I make money with my blog?

Make money blogging-earn from bangladesh on internet

Make money online with blogging from Bangladesh

Blogging is now one top income source on internet.Blogger's can earn unlimited money at blogging. Write on blog and earn money from internet is a uncountable advertisement you can see on internet at many websites.It is great think where you can earn a lot at home.Making blog is very easy and simple.

There are thousands of blogger allover the world work well.If you are a bangladeshi you can also make a blog and earn money.The people who have a minimum experience on internet browsing and searching for various websites on google, yahoo, bing or ask in the bigger search engines on internet may choose to make a blog.the Students on internet are now searching everyday for internet jobs or internet part time jobs for bangladeshi students, i make a suggestion to you all make a beneficiary blog and earn a lot.

You can make a blog besides your study and earn from internet at anywhere from Bangladesh.Make money blogging is a great thing for online free money maker or lower investment.You can earn from google adsense, friendfinder, clicksor, infolink, bidvertiser to your blog.

Affiliate marketing is a great income source to your blog.If you join with e_commerce websites as affiliate can earn on different ways.It is really helpful to you all.

If your blog is so popular or a big amount of visitors visit your blog everyday then you can sell your blog space for direct advertising at your local area.Direct advertising will give you a extra benefit.

If you are a Bangladeshi and want to earn 15000tk to 20000tk within a month now you can start with blogging.

How to make money blogging?

I am a Bangladeshi and how can i start?

As a beginner what should to do ?

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Typing Jobs without investment available in Bangladesh - Online Part Time Jobs In BD


Type something using keyboard enter to a database is known as typing jobs.Typing jobs are one kind of home based part time jobs.It takes enough time to do a typing job but it's job work is very simple and easy o perform.In most cases typing jobs are known as data entry jobs.Type data using keyboard and submit to specific places.So typing jobs are nothing but a data entry job.

There are online typing jobs and offline typing jobs available in Bangladesh.Online typing jobs such as form filling, registration, article writing, data entry etc are included.These kind of jobs get from internet and type with given information to specific places.These types of jobs are very easy and free to join.No investment is required to get this job.

Get jobs from internet at a high volume and work it under offline is called offline typing jobs.these types of Jobs mainly provided by freelancer who get a high degree of data entry work.Some time there have no time limitation and some it is.So you should do it which one is required.

Online Part Time Typing Jobs in BD

Typist have no more special skills on it, they do something according to the instructions providing the sites.If any training is required they will provide what to do.The companies will give you data, documents, matters and software so that you can do more in single day.

The payment method of these type of jobs are very simple and easy.You get payment when you exceed a minimum payout limit and can get it through check, paypal or Bank Account.

Internet spammers has been spread so many online data entry typing job listing on internet through various websites, but all of them are not legal and provided legitimate data entry jobs.So users are become frustrated.

Thinking about Bangladeshi users and new online users i am providing a website address which will help you a is the site where home based online typing data entry jobs are provided.So you can visit and can make taka with this website.
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