Adsense-Money Making Policy By Pay Per Click Advertising


Adsense offers to Publishers for contextual advertising to their websites and earn through per click or per impression method.Adsense provides text, banner and video ads to publish and this ads are displayed according to the content presented in that site.Adsense also offer adsense for search as google custom search appearing on your site.The adsense content partners get 68% revenue generated by adsense where 51% revenue is generated by adsense with adsense for search.This monetizing website is run and maintained by Google Inc.It was first invented on june, 2003.Google provides monetization to the thousands of website around the world.

Google Adsense Check

The advertiser serve ads to adsense website and pay to the publishers for clicking to the ads and visiting the website.The advertiser are not payed same amount for all ads.Since the ads publish according to content and there many hot content which publishes ads earnings at satisfied figure. In fact you should struggle to understand, choose and targeted niche sites before you started.

Google adsense is now the highest revenue share giving website and reliable to payout the publishers in the time.The publishers will get payment after a minimum payout through check, western union or EFT etc.

If you are in Bangladesh you also able to join with adsense and earn money with your content website or adsense for search.The peoples of Bangladesh can earn money from google through adsense.


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