what is PPC and How does it work?


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Pay per click(PPC)(also known as Pay Per Ranking, Pay per Placement, Pay Per Position,or Cost Per Click) is an online advertising model which enables any one to list his site at the top of search engine results by advertising on the basis of keywords describe to product or service.It is a modern and dynamic advertising for marketing any goods or services.It uses bid system which provides - higher the bid, higher the advertisement will be displayed in the list.

PPC is not only work on search engines.It also enables for advertising networks and publisher websites(Content website or Blog).The publishers include PPC advertisements to their websites.

Money Making Bangladesh with PPC

In this system the advertisers over the world offered ads about to describe their products or services where the publishers publish this listed ads to search engines or content Blog or Website.The publishers are displayed the content relevant ads to their site/blog.The publishers do not pay for ads publishing.They are paid for original click to the ads from their own traffic.More the click more will be the earnings.The publishers earn through this click in every day and will be paid after a minimum payout according to the PPC site.The host site will get this payment after a certain period while they exceed the minimum payout and they will be paid by Check, Western Union, Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT), Master Card, PayPal etc.

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