The bangladeshi who wants to get income from home through internet based jobs

Bangladesh is a over populated country in the whole world.The major person's profession of this country is agriculture based.So the percentage of literacy in Bangladesh ultimately is low.Though the government of Bangladesh trying to improve this percentage in a way through increasing the passing percentage in S.S.C and H.S.C, but in the other view the passed students have not enough places to admit after S.S.C and H.S.C examination.The chance of admission for higher education is more low and most of them can not admit their desirable places for lack of seat capacity.So most of them get admission to their undesirable places and some of them can not get chance any where like private university, National University, Open University, Degree Colleges or others.As a result the rest percent of the student has become refused from study.

Once time this percent has been increased and now a day this percentage may be the one fourth of the total population.This refused students are now engaged with various Organization, NGO, Political Party and some of them are known as Garments worker. Some of them are more frustrated and blame themselves, as result they become engage with various crime.It is a great shame for this country management and should close this game in every year.

This low quality indicated persons of Bangladesh whose had lost their right to study are now searching every day to the internet for a part time job, may be online based or not.They are not properly introduced with online job and the way of working.Also now a day many well known and education person's most of them are students of various universities in Bangladesh are searching for online job/part time job/internet job/earn taka through internet/data entry job/survey job/pay per click job/affiliate jobs etc.

The listed person who may search for job in Bangladesh are-

The Students
The NGO workers
The Representatives
The cyber hunters
The retired persons
The Moms
The Blogger
The net professionals
And the people have interest

In the view of all of them I am trying to give some information with instructions to this people about the job line and working way in internet.If anyone from Bangladesh is helped from my website i am successful.


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